This is what we know about Usage Panel: The old-school, distortion-drenched indie rock outfit is one of the most original voices on the scene today. One part Weezer, one part Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and one part romp through the darker chapters of the DSM-5, the Los Angeles act takes the Trojan horse approach to rock and roll, with soaring pop-rock melodies providing cover for dark, offbeat, sharp-witted lyrics.

The brainchild of songwriter Andrew Metzger, the six-piece is widely praised for its exacting musicianship, blistering performances, and wholly original sound. The result is some of the catchiest––and smartest––rock music being made today.

Usage Panel is Metzger (vocals), Jackson Allen (guitar), Brett Farkas (guitar), Kai Kurosawa (bass), Matt Starr (drums), and Santiago Vidal (keyboards).

––Byam Lewis, Summer 2018